GEN 3+ Tankless System

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MistAway's top-of-the-line mosquito misting system, the Gen 3+ Tankless System, is more attractive and consumer friendly!  With the PLUS-CAP, the system can mix the precise amount of water and concentrate  to create a small effective batch of misting solution every time the system is activated.

Some of the standard features include an advanced warning light indicating a spray cycle is about to occur, integrated leak detection, a remote control, and a battery backup to save programming options in case of a power outage.  With the optional zone adapter, the system can accommodate 150 nozzles.

The product includes these items:

  • Hose Bib Adapter
  • 25' of 3/8" Black Tubing for the water feed line
  • Inlet Water Filter
  • Plus Cap for the insecticide bottle
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Antenna (located on the base unit)
  • Start-up card and operating manual

Important information about the GEN III:  The GEN 3+ must be located within 15 ft. of hose bib and 6 ft. of an electrical outlet.  Oil based insecticides should not be used in the Gen 3+.

NOTE: Optional features include a zone adapter, which allows you to run more than 70 nozzles on your system.  Systems with over 70 nozzles require a zone adapter to function properly.

Product not available in the State of New York

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