RipTide ULV 3L Cartridge for Gen 2/3

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    RipTide ULV 3L Cartridge for Gen 2/3
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THE RIPTIDE 3L CARTRIDGE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.   We suggest purchasing the 64oz RIPTIDE and an EMPTY CARTRIDGE - This will allow you to refill your Gen III system easily and much more inexpensively.

Pyrethrum based solutions are the misting solution of choice for users that wish to have the benefits of a quick 'knock down' of the insect and a very effective elimination of the insect in a relatively short period of time.

The compounds derived from the special Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium Pyrethrum flowers are called Pyrethrins. The active ingredients in Riptide are Pyrethrins and Piperonyl butoxide (PBO), a synergist that increases the effectiveness of the Pyrethrins.

This RipTide is packaged in a 3L cartridge for use in a MistAway Gen II or Gen III system. Note - package contains the standard 64oz fill.

This product should NOT be confused with Permethrin.

For Label, MSDS, and additional Pesticide Information, please visit our Labels & MSDS page.

NOTE: When using this cartridge in a Gen II system, you MUST use a GREY single use cap for proper dosage. When using this cartridge in a GEN III system with a PRO-CAP or a Gen III+ system, you must set the dosage to 112 and the cartridge size to 64oz.


This product cannot be used in automated misting systems in the State of New York

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