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10 Nozzle Add-On Package - Standard Nozzles

This add-on package adds 10 nozzles to a system package and includes 10 Slimline nozzles, tubing, clamps, and all the other things needed to add these nozzles to your system.

If you need 20 nozzles, simply order 2 and get double everything!  It's easy!

Our package includes:

  • 10 Slimline Nozzles with the associated Union Tee fittings
  • 1 Additional Union Tee to allow the addition of a branch line  
  • 4 Union Elbows for making turns in the line
  • 150' of your choice of tubing
  • 50 1/4" Dynaclamps
  • 1 Metal plug to terminate a nozzle run

In the options at left, select the tubing color you desire and choose if you would like any 45 degree nozzles in place of the standard Tee Nozzles.

Not Available for Sale in the State of New York


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Width: 16.00
Height: 16.00
Depth: 6.00

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