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PLATINUM Complete System Package

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Product Information

PLATINUM Complete System Package 

The PLATINUM Package is the top of the line unit for your misting needs. Built to the same standards as all the other MistAway systems, it is engineered for years of dependable service.  To order, simply choose your options, select the number of nozzles, and that's it!   

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Unsure what you need or how to install it?   Watch these helpful videos!

This package also comes with the MistAway Whole System Nozzle Circuit filter. Cleaning nozzles is now a thing of the past! Simply change the element in this filter once a year and have a perfect mist every time.

The PLATINUM System Package includes:

  • The MistAway Gen 3 PLUS TANKLESS system with agitation and leak detection 
  • iMist2 enabled (Requires iMist2 Gateway)
  • A Whole System Nozzle Circuit Filter
  • Remote Control
  • 1 Tube Cutter
  • 1 Tube Release tool
  • 2 Union Elbows
  • 30' of Tubing in your primary tubing color to connect to the nozzle circuit
  • 1 Metal Plug
  • A 10 Nozzle pack

For every 10 Nozzles selected, you also receive the following:

  • 10 Slimline Nozzles with Tee Fittings  (Straight, 45 Degree, or a Mix)
  • 4 Union Elbows for a finished look when turning corners 
  • 1 Union Tee to branch the nozzle circuit
  • 150' of Tubing 
  • 60 - 1/4" DynaClamp tubing clamps (non-black tubing will receive natural colored clamps)
  • 1 Metal Plug

Note - this unit is iMist2 capable - (What is iMist2?)


Customizing Your System

Tubing Color 

Need more than one color of tubing? We offer the option to select two different colors of tubing to better meet your needs. The only thing we need to know is your color choices and how many feet of tubing you want to be in your secondary color. For example, if you are purchasing a 20 nozzle system you receive 300' of tubing. You might select black as your primary color, white as your secondary, and enter 100 in the secondary quantity box. In this case, you will receive 200' of black tubing and 100' of white.

Selecting the Number of Nozzles

Slimline nozzles are offered in straight and 45 Degree styles. You can select how many nozzles you want and in which style. To do so, you simply select your Nozzle Pack and enter the quantity of nozzles you want to be 45 Degrees. For example, you might select the 30 nozzle pack and enter 16 in the 45 Degree nozzle box. In this case, you would receive 14 straight nozzles and 16 45 Degree nozzles.

Adding Other Items

To make ordering your system easier, you can select a misting concentrate or add a whole system filter before adding your custom package to your cart. When you select one of these items, the new price for your system package will be adjusted at the top of the page.

Once you add your system package to your cart you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see related products you might want to add to your system, such as a 5 riser pack which will allow you to place nozzles in areas such as landscape beds. You may also want to purchase additional nozzle packs if you are in need of a larger system.  


If you have any special needs or concerns that you would like to communicate to us you may enter those in the comment section.


NOTE:  Tubing colors shown are representative and may not be exact.

For systems over 70 nozzles, you will need to order a ZONE ADAPTER.

Not Available for Sale in the State of New York

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5 Stars
Gen. 3 System

Great product. Relatively easy to set-up. Very effective at eliminating mosquitos. My family uses our backyard now!